Christmas loan – are you getting any special offers?

Christmas loan – are you getting any special offers?

Do any of your colleagues have this information, or are any loan companies planning any Christmas promotions this year? I am asking because probably many people will have a problem with financing holidays and expenses related to this period.

It seems to me that the release of this type of offer, i.e. various types of Christmas loans on preferential terms – their release will appear at the beginning of November.

It was like that every year and it probably will be this year. Indeed, during this period loans are usually granted on slightly more favorable terms than standard ones. 

Christmas loan


I have a great philosophy for standard loan advertisements, but only the title “Christmas loan” If this is a loan for consumption purposes, I understand, I wonder if a better idea would be to set up a credit card. Of course, to set up a credit card you must have some creditworthiness – banks do not give it beautiful eyes, but when used wisely, we gain access to an almost free credit line. Loans like loans, but you will see what the amount of 0% installments will be.

Last year Good Finance gave a nice promotion in which if someone buys some equipment in installments, e.g. in November, the first repayment will take place in March – I admit that it was one of the best offers on the market – especially since they were interest-free installments! 

Take out a loan from the employee loan


I plan to take out a loan from the employee loan assistance fund? I take the cash there 2x a year – before the holiday period, for holiday and before the holiday season, for the holidays I would not run out of cash – the fact that they deduct USD 300 a month, but I think that this is a better option than taking commercial loans. 

Every year there are some offers, usually more favorable than standard ones. I suspect that this year it will be similar, but any details will be promoted with Good Finance. Wait another 2 weeks, and you will see yourself?

Christmas shopping spree. Personally, I don’t like it very much, prices usually go up quite strongly, because everything will sell anyway.

Post-holiday sales


As already probably the better option seems to be the post-holiday sales – anyway, it is not known from today, but there may be a problem with the availability of the right size sizes?

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